Prestige Grout and Hard Surface Cleaning

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Prestige Grout and Hard Surface Cleaning

Company profile:

Prestige Grout and Hard Surface Cleaning | Mississauga and the GTAPrestige is a family owned and operated company that cleans and seals tile, grout and hard surfaces. We cater to residential homes in and beyond the GTA. Our goal is to assist Realtors and home owners to sell their homes quickly and for the highest possible market value.


Featured Services

Cleaning and sealing interior bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and entry way tile and grout as well as shower enclosures and countertops. Exterior decks, driveways and walkways can also be cleaned and sealed.:


Prestige Grout Cleaning What is our value proposition?

Prestige offers great value for real estate agents and sellers. Our services give potential buyers a great first impression as sparkling clean tiled floors, enclosures, exterior walkways, driveways and patios add real value to a home. Our services help to reveal a property’s highlights instead of years of dirt and ugly residue on the tile and grout. Mold, mildew, cracked or missing grout will give the wrong impression and the appearance that costly repairs are needed. Change your buyer’s first impressions from “It’s nice but…..” to “We wouldn’t have to change a thing”.

 Prestige Grout Cleaning - PoolsideWhy us?

Prestige owners understand what buyers want to see and actually complete the work in your home. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with agents and home owners based on trust, workmanship and value.

 Prestige Grout Cleaning | BathroomHow long does an average cleaning take?

On average most work will be completed in a few short hours. There will also be minimal disruption to your home during the cleaning process.

How do you clean my tile and grout?

Prestige uses the latest advances in grout and tile cleaning. There is no longer a need to remove your grout to make it look new again. At Prestige we use specially designed detergents and advanced high pressure cleaning systems to extract the dirt and restore your surfaces to a ‘like new’ appearance.

How much does it cost?

The cost is based on square footage and on the degree of necessary cleaning. Each job is evaluated and quoted individually. The owners of Prestige complete all the work in your home which allows us to keep our prices lower than most of our competitors. We have also recently made an investment into some smaller but equally effective equipment that will allow us to complete your smaller jobs at a good value.

After you clean my interior or exterior surface do you seal it?

Yes! This is an option that will be discussed at the quoting process. We do recommend that your surface is sealed properly to protect your investment.

What if I have broken or missing tiles?

With a customer supplied tile Prestige can replace a broken or missing tile.

What if my grout is cracked or missing?

In most cases minor repairs are done easily and quickly to your damaged or missing grout.

Can you change the color of my grout?

Yes! If you have changed your mind or just need a fresh new appearance we can easily change your grout color without the hassle of grout removal. This is a quick process with many available colors.

Are you insured?

Yes, our company is fully insured.

Special Offer

Pay no sales tax on Grout and Tile Cleaning from Prestige

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Phone Contact General: 905-599-7071

Phone Contact Sales:

Main Contact Person: Len Harmsworth

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